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since 1954

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Who We Are

Kent Busman: Executive Director

Kent Busman, Director

For 30 years Kent Busman has led Camp Fowler into its mission of Simplicity, Community and Caring. No other time than the present climate of our planet is it more important that Camp Fowler's mission remain steadfast and available to the children of our local, national and global community. All of our outreach programs (rentals, retreats, development) provide the ground work required allowing our summer camp true and lasting vitality and fiscal stability. Both lasting vitality and fiscal stability are required for our camp to remain open and available for all who truly wish and are called to Camp Fowler.
Camp Fowler's mission: our mission depends on you. Join us as we continue to build a path of Christian values into the future for the children of your world, our world: their future depends on it.

Contact Information:

  • Winter/Fall/Spring: 518-631-6789 
  • Summer: 518-548-6524
  • Email:


Fowler Staff

Fowler Year Round Staff  

Jorden Mauro: Chi Rho Chef
Mark Hughes: Operations Manager

Lauren Cleworth: Administrator
Kent Busman: Executive Director


Contact Us

Lauren Cleworth
1790 Grand Blvd.
Schenectady, NY 12309

Tel: (518) 631-6789

Mark Hughes, Operations Manager
152 Pelcher Rd.
Lake Pleasant, NY 12108

Tel: (518) 548-6524
Fax: (518) 548-8416 (NOT for medical records)

GPS LOCATION (To locate Camp Fowler)
152 Pelcher Rd.
Lake Pleasant, NY 12108

Camp Fowler 
Camper Name (Week #)
P.O. Box 131
Speculator, NY 12164