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Chi Rho House

Chi Rho (pronounced like the Egyptian city, Cairo) was named after the first two Greek letters in the word "Christ." Quite literally it means "the Christ House" and we hope that you find the peace of Christ during your stay here Chi Rho is a year round facility that can accommodate one or two groups serving a total of 24 guests. Bedrooms have two twin beds and a private bathroom. Linen service is provided.

The upper "Great Room" and carpeted lower "Bear Den" provide optional meeting, lounging, and retreat space.
The Game Room off the Adirondack Room provides recreation opportunities when it’s too cold to get out and hike or snowshoe one of our walking trails or if it's not too cloudy walk out and see the stars at night

Two fireplaces, a large picture window, a TV/DVD, easel and newsprint, and electric piano are all available to facilitate workshops, recreation, or relaxation.
You can also curl up with a good book from our small library of devotional reading.

Our Mission
Chi Rho House provides quality lodging and meals which will enable our guests to fully enjoy their stay. As part of the Lewis M. Fowler Camp and Retreat Center, Chi Rho combines the splendors of the Adirondacks with the year-round comfort of a traditional lodge.
Whether you are sipping coffee watching the snow gently fall, taking a walk along the Trillium Trail enjoy the spring flowers, coming together with friends or family during the summer, or watching the leaves slowly turn to orange in an Adirondack Chair you will find that the Chi Rho House provides for the perfect Adirondack retreat.
Our Guests
Chi Rho House is available for use by church groups, schools, Social Service agencies, and other not-for-profit organizations.


 Prior to submitting your registration please review the "Terms of Usage"

Chi Rho House Fee Schedule. . . . . (download the guest guide & rate sheet for more details)

12 Individual rooms for up to 26 guests. Our largest facility provides lodging and 5 meals with weekend rentals.

(Arrive Friday at 5pm, Departing Sunday by 11am, 5 meals included).

    • 12 minimum* - Up to14 Guests (6 rooms): $150 per person***, per weekend, (ONE wing rental)
    • 21 minimum* - Up to 26 Guests (12 rooms): $130 per person***, per weekend, (TWO wing rental)

 (A) Friday Dinner (6PM) - Sunday Breakfast.  OR  (B) Saturday Breakfast - Sunday Lunch (depart 1pm)


• Additional Meal OPTION for Friday Dinner or Sunday Lunch: $200.
• Special SetUp OPTION: Special furniture set up. Fee: $100.

• Additional WEEKDAY (3 meals w/6 or more): $75 per person, per night (Sunday - Thursday).

SUBMIT $600 Non Refundable deposit Online by credit card. 1 Month prior to arrival submit to the office: final head count, final balance, dietary issues**.



SUMMER 2017 Offerings (New) . . . PICK ONE!
(Subject to availability)
• ONE Wing (Water Wing ONLY) Weekend Rental
(6 rooms, up to 14 guests, 5 meals starting Friday dinner - Sunday breakfast) $2000

• ONE Room Rental (Water Wing ONLY),
(FRIDAY, SATURDAY OR SUNDAY NIGHT, arrival after 3pm, departure by 11 am. NO MEALS.) Fees are for 1 Room with 2 twin beds, $80. OR 1 Room with 1 Queen and 1 twin, $100.
Credit Cards & Checks Accepted. Reservations made ONLINE from the camper registration page.


*May have less actual attendees but minimum fee due is based on 12 or 20 attendees.
** Dietary issues are due 1 month prior to your arrival. Fowler will make reasonable attempts to accommodate issues but will not guarantee. Additional fees may apply. Fowler can provide ‘gluten free’ alternatives however Fowler is not a certified gluten free kitchen. Fowler does not reimburse meal fees due to dietary restrictions.
*** Children up to 5 are free. Children 6-13, half price. Children 14 and up, full price.
•••• If at the time your balance is due, your group changes from a “large group” to a “small group” fee structure, your balance will be redetermined. It will be either $2200 or your number of attendees times $150: which ever is GREATER.

(All lodging rates are subject to the time of occupancy.)