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Residential Camp

Campers stay in our recently renovated cabins and their activities happen in and around the camp. Wake up to the sound of birds in your cabin in the forest and spend your days outside enjoying the great Adirondack Mountains and Rivers.

THIS is the summer camp experience your child will remember with a smile the rest of her/his life!

Here are the descriptions of our various weeks.


#20  L.E.A.D. Week (grades 9-12) • $425

June 24 - 29, 2018

This is camp for those who want to not just to “have” an experience, but to “make” an experience. We bring out the leadership skills in all of our campers and help you create a unique week of camp. You will participate in all that Fowler has to offer and gain some of the skills that our staff has learned.


If you are in 10th-12th grade, participation in LEAD also allows you to apply to come as a Student Working in Ministry (SWiM) and use your newly honed skills alongside the Fowler staff. Students need to fill out a SWiM application which can be found on the Fowler website. Weeks will be assigned on a first come - first served basis. 


 #25 Mini-Una Tierra (One World) (grades 3-8) • $380

June 24 - WEDNESDAY, June 27, 2018

WANT TO START YOUR SUMMER OUT RIGHT?  Join us for this SUNDAY - THURSDAY Mini-camp. What do you get when you mix kids, a bunch of great adult counselors, summer staff, and a "week" outside in the Adirondacks?  The first week of a lifetime of camping!


Pick-up your child WEDNESDAY at 5:30pm and join us for dinner! Departure at 6pm.


#30 & #60 Una Tierra (One World) (grades 3-12) • $425
July 1 - 6, 2018   &   July 22 - 27, 2018

ONE World: ONE Camp:

All grades welcome: 3rd - 12th  

These are our most popular weeks! Bringing campers together of all ages brings out the best in everyone.  Several trips are offered for the older campers and new activities are available for the younger ones.

"Una Tierra" arises to light a path into the future where compassion, simplicity and caring can become daily and ordinary experiences.

Note: Campers are assigned to cabins by age groups. 3rd-6th graders are in cabins together; 7th-12th graders are in cabins together.

We will not  accommodate cabin-mate requests that mix age groups.


 #40 Adirondack Week • (grades 7-9) • $425  •  July 8 - 13, 2018

You can't keep a good week down! After a couple years off, we are bringing back Adirondack Week: one of our all time favorites!

Tighten your hiking boots and climb a mountain: Strap on your life-jacket and paddle a river: Pull in the line and set sail in your Sunfish.

Just like the Adirondacks themselves, there is too much to fit into one week. But it's not because we didn't try!




#45 Trail Mix • (grades 3-5) • $425  •  July 8 - 13, 2018


#70 Horizons • (grades 7-9) • $425  •  July 29 - August 3, 2018 

What could be better than a week of canoeing, hiking, sailing, and kayaking with friends in the Adirondacks?

Each day take a different trip and each night enjoy being in camp together. Bunk with your best friend while making and enjoying new ones. Polar Bear at dawn, sing around the fire in the evening and fall asleep to the cry of the Adirondack loon: dreaming of boondoggles . . .






#80 Triple A • (grades 9-12) • $425 (ONE Week)
  August 5 - 11, 2018 (Ends SATURDAY MORNING)


#80/85 Triple A & REMIX • (grades 9-12) • $800 (TWO Weeks)
August 5 - August 17, 2018  (NEW)


• #80 TRIPLE A: This may be the best week you've ever had and is certainly the most popular high school camp EVER! This week fills fast (usually by mid-January) so REGISTER EARLY!

This week is designed for high school aged campers: we start later and go longer. The morning has lots of options for early risers and the nights always end around campfires or stars. Sometimes you just need to step out of the hectic high school schedule and be reminded. Reminded, that you are surrounded by friends, and a world full of wonder that is greatly loved - by a great God! 

• #80/85 TRIPLE A & REMIX (NEW):Experience Triple A and then much, much more. This is a full two-week camp. After Triple A is over, you and your friends will stay on Saturday to begin your second week of adventures. Your “remix” will include a back-country overnight experience; time in small groups, and our first ever “create your own” activities.

#90 Exploration • (grades 5-9) • $425 •  August 12 - 17, 2018


Family Camp • $425 (1 adult, 3 in-family children)

Monday, August 20 - Friday, August 24, 2018

Our last week of summer is known as Family Camp! Family Camp is for just that: Families! This means moms, dads and children get to come to camp together. Activities are built around strengths and interests of the families at camp. This camp week starts on Monday and ends on Friday. Cabin sharing among families and friends is encouraged. A limited number of rooms in Chi Rho lodge are available (a fee applies). Consider this very popular week for you and your children: the memories created last a lifetime. 

For more information on REGISTRATION: CLICK HERE!


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