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Welcome to our list of the most frequently asked questions about camp! Please look at these questions below so that we may better assist you.

How do I send my camper mail?


To send mail to your camper, use the following address:


Camper's name (Week #)

Fowler Camp & Retreat Center

PO Box 131

Speculator, NY 12164

Where is my confirmation packet?

Confirmation packets are issued at the time of registration. All registrations are processed online through our online registration service. Once you register for camp off of the web site and pay the non-refundable payment, an email confirmation packet is issued to directly to your email.

If you send your registration directly to the office and list an email address on the form, you will receive confirmation to that email address.

If you send your registration to the office without an email address, you will receive a paper copy of the registration packet through the mail shortly after registering.

Sometimes confirmation packets can end up in "Junk Mail" folders. Please add to your list of safe senders to ensure delivery. 

What is in the confirmation packet?

Confirmation packets are sent at the time of registration, directly to your email address or by snail mail if you don't have an email address.
All confirmation packets include:

  1. An assumption of incomplete file (until all medical data is received and linked to your camper's file)
  2. Entry and exit information for camper arrival and pick-up
  3. Gear lists (“What to Bring” list)
  4. Rules for campers to abide by (aka: no cell phone allowed)
  5. How to send a package to a camper
  6. Balance statement
  7. Directions to camp
  8. Medical information requirements and blank forms for your use
  9. An invitation to attend worship on Sunday at 10:30am (arrival day)

When is my balance due?

Balance of payment is due prior to camp attendance. Payment options are as follows:

  1. Log directly into your camper's account and apply the payment yourself. You will need your email address and password to do this. Payment can be made with a credit card or check used as an e-check.
  2. Send the payment directly to Camp Fowler's business office (1790 Grand Blvd, Schenectady, NY 12309). Please do not wait until the week before camp to do this: we can't guarantee your payment will be applied during this week. Payment can be made with a credit card or check.

Who is Thriva as seen on my bank statement?

Thriva is the online company we have hired to process all our data including payments made online. We researched this company thoroughly before contracting this service with them. Our line and your information is secure and protected. All your payments made to us through the online services will show up under the name of THRIVA in your bank account. E-check payments show up on your bank account as a transfers of funds. Credit card payments may also show up on your card statement as a THRIVA purchase. Checks sent to the office are processed through our bank and are deposited therein and not through THRIVA.

Why is my registration listed as "incomplete" in my confirmation packet?

All registrations are listed as incomplete until an immunization list* and the Over-The-Counter** (OTC) drug release form are returned and linked to each camper's account. The linking process includes confirmation and Staff review of all medical data, as well as electronic linkage to your child's account. This process can take 2 weeks to a month to complete. Forms received prior to June 15 are confirmed via email. Forms received after June 15 are considered late and not confirmed.
*Immunization records are required for camp attendance by NYS and must be received in the Fowler business office prior to June 15.

**The OTC form is also due prior to June 15 and allows the camp nurse to release the listed OTC drugs to be given to your child if deemed appropriate. This form must be signed by both the doctor and the parent/guardian for approval. You may refuse dispensation of OTC drugs to your child by signing in the space provided on the form. Refusal doesn't require a doctor's signature.

Do I need a prescription from the doctor for prescription drugs?

NYS requires Camp Fowler to handle prescription drugs in the following way:

  1. All prescription drugs your child requires must be listed in the medical history portion of the online registration form in the prescription drug window.
  2. You must include the drug name, the dosage and the time(s) administered in the above mentioned window.
  3. At camp arrival you must turn in the medications to the camp nurse. The meds must be in the original container which has the prescription label attached to it. The information on the label must match the information listed in the medical history portion of the online registration.
  4. No other form is required: just this process of documentation.

Where do I fax medical forms?

Fax all medical forms to the Fowler business office at 518-374-4996 prior to June 15. All forms received prior to June 15 will be confirmed with email notifications. All registrations and accounts with both immunization list and OTC forms received by June 15 are considered confirmed.

After June 15 medical forms are considered late and are handled in the following manner:

  1. Late immunization forms are to be faxed to both the Fowler business office (518-374-4996) and the Camp in Speculator (518-548-8416). Staff will not confirm or guarantee receipt of late forms.
  2. Late OTC forms are to be faxed to the Camp office (518-548-8416) only. Staff will not confirm or guarantee receipt of late forms.
  3. As staff will not confirm or guarantee receipt of late forms, copies must also be brought to camp at check-in.

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