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Welcome to Staff Training, 2017

Arrival Date: Saturday, June 10. Move into your quarters

Staff Training Starts: Sunday, June 11. We begin with worship...

Here is the current proposed Staff Training Schedule! 

Staff training schedule will be modified based on the needs of the camp and staff. 

Here is the Fowler Staff Program Booklet

Here is the Wilderness Expeditions Journal & Guide

Here is the Nurse Handbook

We have a great opportunity to minister to over 800 children this summer. We will spend time with them hiking, canoeing, eating, playing, laughing, struggling, singing, pitching tents and dodging rain drops. Most importantly we will be spending time with them sharing the Good News of what life is all about. 

We will be starting staff training with an orientation on Sunday, June 11. This means that all staff should be present on Saturday, June 10 to settle in. Sunday's time will consist of worship, starting to build our community, and stepping into the core values of what the ministry at Fowler is like.

One Monday and Tuesday we will all be part of the Red Cross classes. Some of you have valid certifications and you will be needed to work with others learning the skills, setting up scenarios and providing the support we need. In other words, we will run our Red Cross training like we run all summer: everybody helping everybody else! 


PLEASE Read over the Red Cross Materials and if you are current you can challenge the course

BLS(CPR) Handbook

Wilderness and Remote First Aid  (2 year certification)

PLEASE Read over the Wilderness First Aid pocket guide.

Epi-Pen Guide

Lifeguarding Handbook

Updates to the Lifeguarding Course for 2017


Below is the list of staff who indicated they will be taking Red Cross Courses:

BLS  Wild & Remote First Aid
Donna A*  
Sara A*  
Josey B* Josey B*
Gavin B*  
Sophia BP* Sophia BP*
Connor B* Connor B*
Emma C* Emma C*
Jake D* Jake D
Raju E Raju E
Becca F* Becca F*
Lucas G*  
  Elaine K*
Tim M*  
Olivia M Olivia M
Jenna O* Jenna O*
Gene R* Gene R*
Ethan S Ethan S
Mallory S*  
Alison S Alison S
Nicole V* Nicole V
Dan W* Dan W*

* = Recertification for the course. Most of you will be able to challenge the course if you choose. It is important for everyone that you have studied the material ahead of time.