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Caring for our campers, one at a time

Each week of the summer, camp relies on a nurse to care for the well being of each of the campers, the SWiMs, the Staff, and the Volunteers. It's a big job watching over 200 people.

But it's the essence of what following Christ is about: caring for those in need.


The nurse's daily schedule includes:

  • preparing and dispensing medications
  • caring for any injuries or illnesses
  • inspecting the cabins to make sure they comply with safety standards
  • talking and consoling any child who may need you
  • and handing out the "Coveted Clean Cabin Awards"!

This summer, our own "Aunt Ralph", Donna Ahnert, will again serve as our Health Director and nurse for Weeks #10-#30. Donna will set up the NEW HEALTH CENTER and order supplies and make sure that we comply with the New York State Health Department Regulations. She will serve as primary instructor of all the summer staff in CPR-FPR, Wilderness First Aid, and Epi-Pen.

By having all the summer staff trained, Fowler is better able to spot potential issues before they become injuries. That makes all of our nurses happy!


A word from Donna:




If You Are Interested In Being One of Our Weekly Nurses

We are looking for a nurse for some of our weeks at camp.

Here is what we are looking for.

1. As of 2013, Fowler weekly nurses must be registered as an RN in New York State. 

2.  You must be currently certified in CPR

3. You must fill out the following application and have completed references submitted.

If you think you would like to come be part of the Fowler Staff for a week this summer, submit the following application and you will be contacted by the camp shortly. Thanks!



Camp Nurse Application